Software PLC

■ Introduction

GMWIN is the software tool that programs and debugs for all GLOFA-GM PLC series. GMWIN is capable of editing, debugging multi programs simultaneously and providing the simulation function to maximize the user convenience. And users can select the most easily applicable language for the system among various program languages such as LD, SFC, IL. It is possible to program easily and conveniently using symbols and to assign the memory of the program variables automatically or by user designation. And using various programs contained in the PLC system, users can make a program and test it easily and conveniently.

■ Features

― Supports the international language (IEC61131-3)
   IL, LD, SFC
― Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
― Simulation
   Program test and debugging without PLC
― Editing, monitoring, debugging using symbol and variable name
― Automatic memory allocation support
   Compiler sets a variable location automatically
― Optimization (PLC code) by compiler method
― User-defined function/function block support

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